Why is the Eiffel Tower Special?

Magnificent Beauty

Eiffel tower has been termed as the most beautiful structure on earth. Its beauty is epic. It has been constructed using steel rods that were coated with pure gold. Eiffel tower got its name from its founder Gustave Eiffel. Gustav earned himself many presents for the ideas and coming up with such epic structure. Its making is composed of both metal and non- metal elements.


Therefore, Eiffel tower weighs less. It harbors many lifts to carry people around. It is made free of magnetic forces hence cannot affect one’s cell phone when making a call or even distract the phone when taking the scenic beauty of the tower.


It is a center of love


Newly married couples secure tickets to visit the magnificent tower after marriage. It serves to strengthen the bond between the couples. The Eiffel tower provides a good site for a romantic encounter. It construction led to its use as a celebration site for valentine’s day. It also brings families together to spend ample time with their loved ones. The amount of ticket depends on the number of people who visits. If at any chance it happens to be a large group, a subsidy of the price is offered.


It provides a venue for the observation of the city Paris


Eiffel tower has been the tallest human-made structure in years. However, it ranks second after the Millau Viaduct in France. At the uppermost part of the structure, one can see a collection of many towns from one place. Its height is thrilling to climb, and thus lifts are installed to help people get to their destinations. Eiffel tower has bright lights that illuminate the city of Paris at night. It is the most beautiful view of the city providing a picturesque view at night. Its construction came to completion after two years. An intensive labor force was involved. Every piece of the iron used was made separately to make them fit into each other perfectly. The designing of the parts separately gave the tower its shape. The shape and the material used for constructing also makes the tower wind resistant.


It has great restaurants and shops


It is not only about the great scenic view of the city of Paris, but Eiffel tower also has epic restaurants and shops. The restaurants and shops are governed by Gustave’s descendants who serve to give knowledge pertaining the tower’s construction. The top floor of the tower is breathtaking hence the maintained security to keep people out of the edges. At the restaurants, negotiable prices are available, and to advantage, no reservations costs are needed. You can ask shops what foods are high in carbohydrates and order them. Thus, Eiffel Tower has become one of the largest tourist attraction sites in France. Also, the existence of the champagne bar at the top of Eiffel tower cannot be left out. It offers a great view of the city as one relaxes and sips champagne.


Source of Radio and Tv antennae


For decades, Eiffel tower has functioned as the basic transmitter of news. The television and radio antennae have been installed at the top of the tower to transmits news. It is the radio invention in the tower that saved it from demolition. The tower has served to provide the highest aerial transmissions in France.